Friday, February 20, 2015

Gravity #23: My Wife's Christmas Present

This piece was done in December of 2014, and is the last of that seven painting exploration (starting with Gravity Painting #17: Icarus)

When I had wrapped, we knew that #17 & #18 would most likely do the best at the upcoming Make a Wish Gala and Auction on March 14th (tickets still available!!)  But, #23 had a lot of multi-color charm that my wife really liked.  I may post more photos with different lighting of this piece in the future.  It really changes depending on viewing angle and lighting.

This piece measures 22" x 10"
Deep panel (a bit more than 1.5"deep)

Click on images for a larger view, and use arrow keys to go between them.

Detail #1

Detail #2