Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gravity #21: Go Ducks!

I made four 8" square Gravity Paintings to try out new techniques in December 2014.

This piece measures 8" x 8"
Deep panel (a bit more than 1.5"deep)

In a previous piece of work, I made some hints about a certain Washington State Football team which won the Superb Owl (as my non-sportsball friends like to call it) last year, and how it influenced Gravity #16 (choice of colors, the wave-like motion in the piece, etc).

Well, this piece below has absolutely NOTHING to do with my alma mater, the University of Oregon.  Really.  You don't believe me, do you?

As always, click on each image for an enlarged version.  I think you can even arrow key back and forth to go through all images once you do this, which will come in handy for the two very similar images below (same except for lighting direction)

Anyway, my cousin is a huge fan of the UO (not sure why, but I doubt it has anything to do with football.  Must be the incredible work done at the Lockery lab).

So, I made this piece specifically for him.  In case you are wondering, the splashes of color coming out from the middle of the painting are from spinning it in the air while still wet.

It then landed on the grass in my backyard, and I spent a good 7 minutes removing clippings from it.  Those created intricate lines when they were removed (see below). 

I think I might want to try this in a more controlled environment soon.  Maybe drop grass clippings or toothpicks onto a piece, and pull them out, creating these patterns.