Monday, September 3, 2012

Gravity #10 Work In Progress Part 2

Yesterday, I laid down the second coat on Gravity #10.  Except for one mistake, I only sprayed it from one direction.  This make is so that it looks different from different angles.  Confused?  Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Take a look below.

This is the angle in which I sprayed the paint.  I know where this painting is going to hang in the person's house who it is being made for.  When people exit the dining room & head into the living room, it will look like this (plus all of the splatter lines).  You can see part of Gravity Painting #9 in this shot, along with Lori Chandler-Lewis's "Pointy Garden"

This is the same painting from the other angle.  When they go from the living room into the dining room, this is what they'll see.

If the painting is looked at head on, this is what it will look like.  Mostly.  I had a huge challenge photographing this painting, because I only have two flood lights.  Normally when one photographs flat art, one can simply place the floods to either side of the image, and there is little or no glare.  Not so with this image.  Because the canvas has been altered by adding sculpted lines, any no diffuse lighting results in glare.  I ended up lighting it from a bunch of different angles & blending the angles together in Photoshop to get the most accurate image possible.

For those wondering what size this is, a little bit of background has been added for comparison.  Harry Potter (American & British) and other books in the background.

Gravity #8... Finally

Here ya go.  I wasn't as happy with this one as some of the other work I've done.  The smooth texture of the airbrushed background didn't integrate as well with the line art on the foreground.  Some may find this more pleasing.  Hey, the artist can't always be right :)   I think it was a worthy experiment, and it provided a lot of feedback for gravity #10.  Namely, the texture work I did when laying down the gesso was not dramatic enough to get the effect I was looking for.  Gravity Painting #9 proved to be more successful in that regard.