Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gravity Painting #7... or #8??

So, I am doing a commission piece for a friend which is going to be a set of five panels.  So far, I've gotten the gesso on the panels.  So, does that count as #7?  Because tonight, I met a fellow named Will who needed his coveralls painted for the upcoming Fremont Parade. And, I started & finished it tonight.  Oh, nad they are coveralls, not exactly canvas (kinda, but not really...)  So do they even count at all??

The nice thing about this project is that I was able to test out some new paints.  I'm going to be painting a fair number of Naked Bicyclists who have a wonderful habit of showing up before the parade actually happens on Saturday.  I was able to figure out the best combination of paint, medium & water.
Here's the results:
White was too thin & dripped.  Fixed that for Sat.

Sunshine in his back pocket!