Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's Munny, Baby! (for Charity, that is)

This piece is not exactly a gravity painting, but I thought I'd share it on this site, as
1) It is for charity
2) Some of my gravity painting techniques are used in this piece.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email at work from one of my coworkers.  He was casting a wide net in the artist pool, to see if anyone wanted to paint something that would be sold for charity.  It turned out that our good friends at PopCap Games wants to highlight their upcoming game sequel to Plants vs Zombies, and is going to be having a booth at San Diego Comicon

At their booth, they are going to showcase Mega Munnys that have been painted in the style of
Plants vs Zombies Characters.  I decided to make mine based off of the Hypno-Shroom:

For those not in the know, when a zombie eats this, they turn around, and start eating other zombies!  As it was one of the more colorful characters, I thought it would work best with my style.

After being displayed at their booth, they are going to auction them off, with the proceeds going to Child's Play charity.  It's a great cause & I encourage you to donate to it as well!

Here's what I came up with:
One pill makes you bigger...
Here's some detail shots:
This texture makes the color change depending on which angle you view it

I see this & think of the voices of the green aliens in Toy Story:  "Oooooh!"

My wife's idea:  change the tail to a ladybug.

Dude has an arm tat.  My hidden signature.

Oh Hai! You can email me now!

Soooo...  On the 24th, my work was kind enough to link to my site, and I didn't have any way for anyone to contact me.  I'm very sorry, my bad! 

I've since set up a contact form on the lower right hand side of the blog ---->

If you are interested in a custom piece and donating to a charity, you can contact me via this form!