Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gravity Painting #6: A Study in Materials and Colors

This piece was an exercise in trying a new substrate, as well as mixing mediums. 

I chose a 12" Ampersand "GessoBord" for this piece.  I also wanted to try some earth tones.   Because this piece is only 12"x'12", I only laid down the background colors in paint, and used a Japanese calligraphy pen for the lines.

When I was getting ready to do a gloss medium wash over the piece, I found out that the ink was water soluble.  Yay!   A happy accident that worked in my favor.

Final piece after the medium dried.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Humbling Moment

Even though I thought I come up with the term "Gravity Painting" on my own, I decided to do a quick Google of the term.  The results were incredibly humbling.

First, there is a video of Amy Shackleton's process, here:  (Click for Video Link)

Not only is the process & result incredible, when you go to her website's gallery, it is obvious that she is prolific.

Go visit it now.  We'll wait for you.  Aim Artistry

Also, there is Holton Rower’s Paintings, which can be found here: Holton Rower

And, a video of the incredible process is here:  (Click here for YouTube link)

Feeling like I should go crawl into a dark, warm cozy place for a while now.  But, the great thing about the modern world, is that there is room for many artists, with many different styles.  It's great to see how others are using gravity and material science to create such work!