Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gravity #10, Work In Progress

I have a very patient friend who is awaiting a commission piece that he won at a charity auction... back in June.  Right now I have the first part of the underpainting complete.  Now, I need to apply color from an angle, like I did in #9, so the color will change depending on the angle in which it is viewed.

Here's the process so far:
First, the panels were gessoed, with intentional texture

Then, the panel pieces were bound together

Turned out that gesso didn't have enough texture.  Added pumice based structural paint
Started work on underpainting
Head on underpainting complete.  Still needs angled painting

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gravity #9

New Painting!  Using a sculpted background and airbrush for a specific effect
(Gravity #8 still needs photos taken, in case you were wondering)

From this angle, it looks like a mostly red/black background

From this angle it looks mostly like a yellow background!

I love helping people think consciously about their own perceptions :)