Friday, March 7, 2014

Gravity #16 (12th Wave)

I'm so glad that Make a Wish of Alaska and Washington chose this piece for their annual sold out Gala and Auction!

This piece will be for auction (along with Gravity #14) tomorrow!

For those of you not into football, the colors were inspired by my local football team, that just happened to win the Super Bowl this year.

I started on this piece right before the NFC Championship Game, and kept working on it through the Super Bowl.  As a non-football fan, I feel like the entire city welcomed my artsy, nerdy self into the football fold with open arms. There was quite an energy in town surrounding the team as the season was beginning to wrap up, and this piece is my interpretation of it.  The fact that they actually made it all the way to the Super Bowl and won it was amazing.

Click on any image to enlarge.

Additional lighting shots, to show you how it reacts depending on the available light.

This is the first diptych that I incorporated a spacer during the actual creation.  As such, a spacer has been provided with the piece to aid in proper mounting.  You can see the spacer below in these in progress shots:

Detail shot of signature:

Additional detail shots:

Interesting paint interaction of gravity lines.

Another interesting paint interaction.

Again, final piece: