Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Gravity #14: One of Two Gravity Paintings you can find at Auction in March!

The good folks at Make-a-Wish Alaska and Washington really liked this piece, and will be auctioning it off on March 8th for their annual Gala and Auction!  I think one of the main reasons they liked it is because it is so incredibly dynamic!  For example, look how different it looks int he two photos below, based off of not only the lighting, but also the spacing of both parts of the diptych.  One interesting thing about this piece, is that unless your head is between the two pieces, the part further from you will appear to be brighter.  Each part of the diptych measures 6" x 18", and the piece comes with some guidelines on ideal spacing.

Click on images to enlarge.

The other piece to be auctioned off is making a cameo at the left...

I told you the farther one is always brighter!

An example of how lighting affects this piece:

Here's a shot of the base colors, before airbrushing or gravity lines.

Detail of the signature:

Additional detail shots:

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