Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gravity #15: The exception to the rule

I suppose with every rule set, one wants to make an exception from time to time.  The only thing I didn't do with this piece that I've done with all of the other gravity paintings, is actually lay gravity lines on it before finishing it.  Maybe I will later, but I doubt it.  I mean, I've already signed the piece!

Oh, and this one is more figurative than the rest.  Literally.

When I was about halfway through working on this piece, an image of a woman emerged to me, reminiscent of Nude Descending a Staircase.

This piece measures 10" x 22"
Deep panel (a bit more than 1.5"deep)

Here's how this piece evolved:

At first, the comet-like image was somewhat reminiscent of a veiled woman, perhaps in a Burqa, looking straight at the viewer.
Original under painting
But, after some contemplation of the piece, some of the lines stood out.  I had to try something a bit new. So, I applied blue masking tape to the piece before the airbrush pass.
Masking out the image I saw in it.

Right after airbrush pass.
 After the tape removal, the final piece is quite brilliant.
Another shot of the final image, before signing.

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