Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Gravity #13: Don't worry, this one is lucky!!

Gravity #13 was made at the same time that I was working on #12. In fact, the original idea was to start one green and cover with a purple background, and do the opposite to the other.  You'll see below the beginnings.  This also measures 12" x 6" and is suitable for displaying on a shelf or on one's wall.  For those interested this is also currently available for a $300 donation to an agreed upon charity.  Use the contact form on the right if interested.

Click on images below for a larger view.

One type of lighting...
Different lighting really affects these paintings!

In addition to lighting, angle plays a huge role in how the painting looks:

Similar angle, different lighting
This side is a lot darker!

Here it is next to its companion piece, #12.  Note that these are best displayed with the two wooden supports actually touching each other, unlike this image below.  That makes the lines between both supports flow much better.  You can see a hint of Gravity #16 (12th Wave) on the left.  That piece is one of two that will be at this year's sold out Make a Wish Charity Auction.

 Can you believe this is how it started?!?

Detail shots:

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